Violin Makers Handbook

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Best Violin Makers Handbook We Have Seen!

We have had several violin makers instruction books in the past, however, the best we have ever seen is the one published by Ray Doerr called the Ray Doerr Violin Makers Handbook. We use it in our shop exclusively, particularly for instructing up and coming violin makers. Based on the instructions in this Handbook, we make all our own tools, jigs, patterns, etc. It tells you how to pick out the wood, how to age and dry the wood, and full instructions on carving and assembly. It gives measurements for bridge, strings, fingerboard, etc. It also goes into the repair of the violin. We have used many books, including those costing upward of $500.00, but none came close to this one.

Mr Doerr passed away in the 1990's and this book is becoming very rare and difficult to get. In fact the only place we know that still have a few copies available is at Murray's Violins who can be reached on the internet at When Mr. Doerr passed away they purchased all the copies from his estate.

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